An Unconventional Valentines Day

Valentines 1I had a pretty unconventional Valentines Day this year. Instead of celebrating with chocolates and a date night, I watched an inspiring film named: Miss Representation. This movie was shown on Oprah’s OWN Network and premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. I was in a room with around sixty community members and sat with women from the YWCA to watch this documentary describing the ways in which our media has suppressed women from gaining respect and power in this present day society. Throughout the movie I laughed, had tears in my eyes from sadness and frustration, and turned red because of how upset I was with the situations presented to me. I first thought I was relatively aware that there was still room for improvement in Women’s Rights and our respect, but I was truly in awe of how far we still have yet to go. I was glad that this film was such a success on our campus, but I think that it would really do some good if we were able to have it shown in middle schools with boys and girls so that they can learn early on how to support both sexes and their dreams. I was completely inspired after finishing the film!



Kathryn Stwalley, Senior, Behavioral Neuroscience

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