Life as an Ambassador

I am so lucky for the opportunities that come along with being an Ambassador for the College of Health and Human Sciences. It is truly the greatest organization I am involved in. This week I was able to attend my first ever Purdue’s For Me event that brings admitted high school seniors from across the nation to Purdue for the day. I was able to talk on a panel and answer questions from future students and parents. Topics ranged from how hard it is to maintain a job on campus and what kind of activities to get involved in. The highlight of my day was when I got to go to lunch one-on-one with a student and her family who will be a Freshman in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences in the Fall. It is always so much fun to sit down with a family and talk to them about their future here at Purdue. I get to alleviate some of their worries and make them excited about their future! I hope all students still deciding on whether or not to come to Purdue or those who have already decided to attend Purdue join a Purdue’s For Me day because it is a great opportunity to talk with actual students in your major and to get some individual attention. Good luck to the high school seniors finishing up the school year and can’t wait to see you in the Fall!!

Boiler up!

Kayla Weber, Junior, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

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