Shooting a Commerical

This past month I was contacted to shoot a commercial for one of the local credit unions, Purdue Federal Credit Union (PEFCU)! I had been communicating with the advertising team for a little over a month working on a theme, a story, and a schedule to film the ad. We talked about my connection with Purdue, my history in Lafayette, and my use of PEFCU. It was neat to see the design process of putting together the creative pieces. After some phone calls and emails, I met up with a team to go over the plan of the day. The first scene literally took two hours of me repeating two lines! I never knew how many different ways there were to inflect a sentence and the tone. I realized that not going down the acting path was a good idea for me, haha! Afterwards, I discussed some different places on campus that we could try some different shots. So we went downstairs in the Union to the Pappy’s study room and they filmed me taking my online sociology exam. From there they took some shots of my biology class that I TA in and later in the afternoon we did some “action” shots in the union. For not having any lines to memorize or repeat, it was a surprisingly tiring activity. We ended the day with some of my friends attending the pre-basketball game festivities in Mackey. We recruited some other Purdue students to get some cheering shots as the basketball team warmed up.

Filming this ad was a really cool experience. I’m very lucky to have been thought of as the participant for the part and I’m super excited to see how the commercial ended up!

-Kathryn Stwalley, Senior, Psychological Sciences

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