Big Ten Tournament Extravaganza!

My Spring Break was filled with basketball, basketball and… well, more basketball as I had the AMAZING opporWomen's Tournament Press Credentials 1tunity to attend both the Men’s AND Women’s Big Ten Tournament Championships as a reporter for The Exponent, Purdue’s independent student newspaper.
Hoffman Estates, a northern suburb of Chicago, was my first Spring Break destination and where I got to witness the amazing Big Ten Tournament win by the Purdue women! Three days filled with games, interviews and frantic writing was a wonderful way to spend my first weekend of break! Watching the confetti fall on the overwhelmed back-to-back Big Ten Tournament Champion Lady Boilermakers was the icing on the cake of a wonderful and (hopefully not) once in a lifetime experience!

After a few days of rest I headed to downtown Chicago where I met the Purdue Men’s Basketball team in The United Center. Yes, that’s right, the amazing center where United Center Jumbotron 1Blackhawk and Bulls statues surround the grand arena. With the Big Ten leading the way in college men’s basketball this year, this event was on a completely different level compared to the women’s tournament. There were at least 150 members of the media from across the country that filled the lower level of the center during this first round game. Despite the devastating loss, being able to experience that type of atmosphere really helped me to see what my future would be like if I were to further pursue a career in journalism after I graduate.

Even though I didn’t come back with a tan as many of my peers did, I wouldn’t change one minute of my hard-working Spring Break Big Ten Tournament Extravaganza!

— Stacy Baker, Junior, Human Services

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