One Of The Most Challenging Weeks To Stay Motivated!

Hey there!

We’ve made it halfway through one of the most exhausting weeks ever…the week after spring break! It’s not necessarily that this week is truly exhausting, but it definitely seems that way when it’s following a week that is purely intended for relaxing.  Add that post-spring break mentality with a slight cold and you, my friend, have one of the most challenging weeks to stay motivated as the semester is in full force, which is what I have been experiencing.  My strategy for surviving this week, you ask? Lots of cough drops, tissues, mid-day names, and Dayquil. Remembering the amazing week I had in Florida for spring break also helps out quite a bit.  After a 14 hour road trip with a caravan of friends we finally made it to our destination but honestly the car ride was one of my favorite parts. Belting out songs to Mumford and Sons, getting lost on the west side of Nashville, 4 a.m. heart-to-hearts, or watching the gorgeous sunrise over open fields in Alabama.  Such a wonderful trip. But now it is back to the real world and don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being back at Purdue. But I’m not really a huge fan of the 30 degree weather and exams on exams.  Anyhow, I have this weekend to look forward to…MACKLEMORE! I’m so excited to go with a big group of friend to see Macklemore and Ryan Lewis perform at Elliot Saturday. Concerts are the best!

Well I hope you all had a fabulous spring break as well and that you are adjusting to life back in the real world now! Until next time!

— Caitlyn Lowry, Junior, Nursing

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