Yesterday was an exciting day on campus. Purdue hosted a 5K Color Rush bright and early at 10 am on what turned out to be a perfect day for running. It started off a little cold in the morning, but by the end of the race it was beautiful weather with beautiful colors EVERYWHERE!color rush

Throughout the race each participant had yellow, pink, green, and blue powder paint thrown on them so that when we crossed the finish line we ran through all colorful. But that was not the end. We were all given our own personal packets of powder paint to throw up in the air all together to get even more colorful. Of course, this isn’t exactly how things went. Most people (myself included) used the paint to throw at friends and start a paint fight. By the end of the Color Rush I was covered from head to toe in paint. My hair had five different colors in it, paint was all over my face, and my white t-shirt that I started with was every color but white.

It was a great time, and Purdue Pete even came out to cheer all the runners on! I will definitely be doing this race again next year and recommend everyone else to sign up for it too!

— Priscilla Gaona, Sophomore, Movement & Sport Sciences

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