March Maddness!

Spring semester here at Purdue is always the busiest … at least for me! The craziness of my busy schedule is what I am referring to when I say “March Madness”; unfortunately I’m not talking about basketball. This semester has been crazy with homework, sports, and extra activities, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! We just had our spring break last week so I definitely got in some good R&R! So a couple of weeks ago I met with my academic advisor to figure out what classes I have left to take before I graduate. It’s so crazy to think that soon I will be scheduling classes for my last two semesters of undergrad here at Purdue. Where does the time go? I am planning on taking two online classes this summer to lighten my load for my last fall and spring semester. It’s wonderful that Purdue offers so many online classes, not only for the summer but for the fall and spring semester as well. It’s very convenient for me so that I don’t have to find a place to live on campus this summer; I can just work from home. One of the classes is a Human Development and Family Studies class that I need for my Human Development and Family Studies minor. If everything plans out, I will only have 12 credit hours my last semester. That would be wonderful considering I’m starting to get senioritis already! I am very excited to schedule for my senior year of classes but it is definitely very scary as well. It makes me really appreciate the times I’ve had here at Purdue!

–Alyssa Major, Junior, Psychological Sciences

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