Every college student knows what Springitis is. You wake up on a beautiful April day at 8:00 and walk out the door with SHORTS AND A T-SHIRT ON! It’s a wonderful feeling, especially after 4 months of near-freezing cold. Then you get home from class and all you want to do is spend every minute of your free time enjoying the weather. Whether it be running, shooting hoops outside, getting your tan on, or going for a drive, great weather is studying’s Public Enemy #1. It’s one of the greatest internal conflicts you’ll ever have to force yourself to sit inside and study. Here’s a few tips for conquering Springitis:

1) Intersperse studying with outside time. Go shoot hoops for an hour, then come inside and tackle a homework assignment. Repeat. If you have Irish blood like me, this process will keep you from getting to sunburnt too.

2) Study in a place with no windows. Hick’s may feel like a dungeon sometimes, but when you can’t see the blue sky, it’s a little easier to focus on your homework, as long as Youtube isn’t your web-browser home page.

3) Study at night. If you don’t have too much to do, spend the day outside enjoying yourself, but when the sun goes down: hit the books.
Inevitably, everyone falls prey to Springitis year after year. Hopefully you can figure out your own way to tackle it, but just remember: good grades are a by-product of hard work, and after all, that’s what college is all about.

— Patrick Davis, Junior, Movement & Sport Sciences

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