Spring At Purdue

So this past month of April has been extremely busy! It seems like every week and weekend I have some sort of event going on around campus. This month has included things like registering for fall 2013 classes, preparing for my summer, as well as attending so many events! In the past two weekends I have been able to attend some really big events. A couple of weeks ago I helped out at the Spring Fashion Show that the Apparel Design and Technolgoy students coordinate and put on each year. It was amazing to see the extensive runway, as well as some amazing pieces of clothing I’ve ever seen. It’s really cool to think that students on Purdue’s campus designed those clothes!

Last weekend my residence hall had a big celebration as well. I live in Windsor and have for three years. Windsor Residence Hall consists of over five buildings all connected by tunnels. Over the last five years Windsor has been undergoing some serious renovations that they’ve been doing one building at a time; I have lived in Windsor for two years of those renovations. This year all the buildings have been completed! It was the first time in five years that all of Windsor has been completely open. To celebrate, Windsor staff put on a big event that was open to all students and alumni associated with Windsor. I was able to attend a brunch on Saturday morning in the dining court; let me tell you, there was some amazing food! They also had some speakers and presentations as well as tours of the residence for those visiting. I was unable to attend the events after brunch for I had another event to attend.

I also had an awards ceremony on campus called The Black Caucus Awards. This ceremony is for African American students who have been awarded for having a certain GPA as well as being nominated for different service and leadership awards. I also attended Spring Fest last weekend on campus, which is a campus-wide event. All over campus there were different booths and tents set up featuring different activities. The highlights of my time at Spring Fest including going to the Bug Bowl, watching a cricket spitting contest (no lie!), and getting to hold a baby chick!

Needless to say it’s been a very busy past month here on campus and it’s not over yet!

–Alyssa Major, Junior, Psychological Sciences

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