An Excellent Way to Take A Break From Studies

As if I hadn’t committed myself to enough with courses and organizations this semester, I introduced myself to the world of intramural sports at Purdue with our CoRec Sports Center. My roommate and I joined both a walleyball and sand volleyball league, sandvball13and found the games to be an excellent way to take a break from studies and have fun with friends, while still being able to keep our busy schedules intact.  I learned that Purdue’s intramural system is truly flexible enough to accommodate most any schedule.

Games are typically held once or twice a week in the evening hours of your choice – my group chose an 11:00 pm time slot on Thursdays and an 8:00 pm slot on Sundays. The games last about 30 minutes and are played against other teams matching your competitive level. Depending on what you are looking for there is a league perfect for you! Men’s, women’s, co-ed, and Greek leagues are available for sports such as basketball, soccer, flag football, softball, badminton, ultimate Frisbee, tennis, and many, many more. Whether trying a new sport or wanting a competitive season, you will have a blast with Purdue’s intramural sports program.

Of course, I can’t close out this entry without mention of my most memorable intramural experience of this past semester. Although classified as a “spring” league, starting after Spring Break, our sand volleyball season began in 30 degree weather. We played in long Under Armour, hoodies, and layers of socks – I guess there’s a first for everything! Nonetheless, we enjoyed ourselves, played a great season and look forward to more leagues in the future!

Purdue Intramural sports – just another great way to stay active and enjoy the absolutely amazing new Rec Sports Center on Purdue’s campus.

— Sarah Godbold, Junior, Dietetics/Nutrition, Fitness, and Health

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