There ARE Scholarships Out There – Apply!!

Let’s face it…college is expensive! Luckily there are countless ways to earn scholarship money. I am very excited to say that I have received $34,800 from scholarship money so far!!!!! I started applying for scholarships early in high school. I was an avid 4-H member, and I applied for a lot of 4-H scholarships from the local to state level. My high school also offered several scholarships for seniors, my dad’s work sponsors a scholarship for students who have a parent working in their company, and I have applied for numerous scholarships through Purdue and the College of Health and Human Sciences. My most exciting way to receive scholarship money is through pageants! I mentioned in a previous post that I compete in pageants through the Miss America Organization, and this is a scholarship-based pageant. The pageant winners receive scholarships, and there are also scholarships that involve writing essays and submitting community service experiences.

My advice to everyone is that there ARE scholarships out there that you can apply for. It may take a little searching, and the application process can be annoying; however, if you stay persistent you can potentially earn thousands of dollars to help pay for your college education. If you are only a freshman in high school still look around to find scholarship opportunities. One thing that became very important to me was keeping records of my activities. Every time you volunteer, join a team, become a club officer in your high school pep club, keep a record sheet somewhere so you can write everything down. When you start applying for scholarships, applying to colleges, and creating resumes this will come in handy. You may think you can remember all of the activities you did throughout high school, but it’s very likely that you will forget something. Always remember that it’s always worth a shot. There have been a lot of times that I thought I had no chance at winning a scholarship, and I end up getting it! Even if you think you don’t need to bother with scholarships…your parents will thank you.

— Alyssa Slater, Junior, Dietetics

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