My Passion About Dentistry

I would like to start off by introducing myself. My name is Mike Schwuchow and I am one of the new student ambassadors in the College of Health & Human Sciences. I will be a junior going into the 2013-2014 academic year, majoring in Health Science/ Pre-Dentistry. Yeah, that’s right, DENTISTRY! I say that because whenever I tell someone I want to be a dentist, they look at me like I’m crazy and usually reply “Why?? I HATE THE DENTIST!”. Or “Everyone is going to hate you!”. I always smile and nod my head. The sad truth is, those people are right!

A very large size of our population do not enjoy going to the dentist office. I know this fact, first hand! This summer I am working as a dental assistant in Crown Point, Indiana. Dentist office pictureI am constantly exposed to people who come into the office, literally fearing for their life. Someone really helped me understand why people hate the dentist. There was an elderly woman who came into the dentist office last week to get some minor procedures done. I couldn’t help but notice how happy she was to be there. I just had to meet this lady! I introduced myself and told her I was going into dentistry. She about fell off her seat in excitement. She finally explained to me why she was so happy. She said, “Going to the dentist office used to be a very scary thing! They didn’t have the right tools, technology, and even lacked Novocaine. That’s why there is such a bad stigma about dentists! But now I love going to the dentist; it’s virtually pain-free. Don’t worry, people will eventually catch on and start liking the dentist”.

So there is hope! That lady’s little spark of light, inspired me about the future of dentistry. Perhaps one day, there will be more people like the lady I met, who enjoy going to the dentist office. Maybe I’m aiming a bit high, but there is nothing wrong with a little optimism. In the meantime, I will continue to spread my passion about dentistry, The College of Health and Human Sciences, and Purdue University.

Hail Purdue!

— Mike Schwuchow, Junior, Pre-Dentistry

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