Well freshman year is over; I think I’m still in shock! It was challenging and wonderful all at the same time. Summer was a welcome change, although because my parents moved in December, my “home” isn’t the home I grew up in (Green Bay, WI to Sioux City, IA). My parents are determined to make the most of the time we have as a family though, and we have already accomplished a lot. photo 1We’ve checked out a few local Iowa favorite restaurants, gone to state parks, and explored nearby cities like Omaha. Last weekend my dad and I went on a daddy/daughter trip to visit my grandma, who lives in New Jersey. My parents are both from Jersey, I was born there and we still have family there. Unfortunately, my uncles beach house was damaged from Hurricane Sandy. We went to see the wreckage and see the Seaside Boardwalk, a place I’ve grown up going to nearly every summer. It was amazing how much work is still left to clean up the damage. The rollercoaster on the boardwalk was completely gone!

Bright spot: my favorite salt-water taffy shop was open for business. We also took a trip into New York City, photo 2which is about an hour or so from my grandma’s house. The weather was awesome and we had a great day. As much as I miss Purdue it has been so nice to be back with my parents for the summer and to give my brain a rest! Coming up for the rest of the summer: observation hours at a Physical Therapy clinic, a visit to my friends in Green Bay and a family vacation to South Carolina. Enjoy your summer and Boiler Up!

— Rachel Mentzel, Sophomore, Movement and Sport Sciences

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