In my attempts to become a more savvy 21st century young man, I’ve began my own self imposed cooking boot camp this summer. I’ll be living in an apartment for the first time next Fall, and would like to be able to prepare a decent meal as opposed to microwave dinners and pizza rolls. I didn’t start from the very bottom of the food chain, having been well practiced at the delicate art of baking Betty Crocker muffins on the occasional Saturday morning when I was a kid. I’ve also become quite the fried egg sandwich wizard, but outside the realm of breakfast food, I’m pretty much starting from scratch. What I’ve learned in the first couple of weeks is that it’s pretty hard to screw up if you just follow the recipe. What I’ve also learned is that adding my own creativity to a recipe can be very rewarding. Some men (especially college students) may believe as a result of stereotyping and the heavy gendering that occurs in our education system that cooking is something women should do. I disagree. Men love a challenge. Cooking is definitely a challenge. Men love food. Cooking makes food. Men love steaks. Grilling makes steaks. The list could go on. My point is that it can only serve to enhance your knowledge and impress the ladies. Since this is a blog in the College of HEALTH and Human Sciences, I should also add in that cooking your own meal from scratch may take more time than heating up pizza rolls, but it is also much more nutritious. I have yet to see a recipe that doesn’t call for fresh vegetables somewhere in the mix. You’ll feel accomplished, intelligent, and most importantly full if you start learning how to cook.

–Patrick Davis, Senior, Movement and Sport Sciences

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