Saving the Alfredo Sauce at Summer Camp

Thank you Purdue for saving my butt in the kitchen. Well, let me preface this…. I currently am working at a summer camp and I was in charge of making an Alfredo sauce. I know…. “John! That is so easy!” from those of you who cook. But when you are making six gallons of it, things get, well… crazy. Anyway, I got distracted chopping onions, crying to Taylor Swift (from the onions.. come on man!) (Unmanly moment) and the sauce got overheated. Poof! Six gallons of sauce now ruined. Only fifteen minutes were left until we were supposed to feed one hundred and fifty starving hormone enraged teenagers. Anyhoo, thanks to my food chemistry class from Purdue I learned I could mask it with something high in fat. WhippinBonos yardg cream (without sweetening) was my savior! After about a half gallon of that, mozzarella cheese, and a thickening agent the sauce lives! I don’t know if you guys are into food much, but I was happy to save that six gallons. It would have been really bad otherwise!

Well that is my life so far. If anything, here is a picture of Bono’s yard that I stumbled across while I was in Ireland!

— John Oswalt, Senior, Dietetics/Nutrition, Fitness and Health

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