Competition in Miss Indiana

Miss Indiana 2You may recall from a previous post that I compete in pageants. In October, I won a local title, Miss Northwest Territory, that lead to Miss Indiana. Well…I just got home from competing at Miss Indiana! It was such a great experience!! 32 contestants arrived in Zionsville, IN on June 16th and competed and made appearances until finals on June 22. We competed in several areas of competition: a 10-minute interview, talent where I fiddled “Orange Blossom Special”, swimsuit, evening gown, and on-stage question. I am very proud to say that I Miss Indiana 1placed in the top 11!! I am also very proud to say that Purdue had SEVEN contestants this year, and our Miss Indiana 2012 is a Boilermaker. Check out our picture! Our new Miss Indiana 2013 is Terrin Thomas. Her local title is Miss IU (Booo! Just kidding!), and I cannot wait to see her on the Miss America stage in September!

Now that Miss Indiana is over, I am back to reality. I work at my county extension office where I am in charge of various 4-H competitions, events at our local fair, and visiting summer camps throughout the city where we play games and make crafts. I’m also trying to catch up on sleep from Miss Indiana week

–Alyssa Slater, Senior, Dietetics

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