Summer Classes

I can’t believe the summer before my senior year is almost over! It seems crazy that in about a month I will be returning back to campus to complete my senior year! I’m very excited yet very nervous at the same time. Because it’s my senior year, I have to start taking my academics a little more seriously; I have just a few classes to complete, I have to take the GRE (the Graduate Record Examination) in order to apply to graduate schools, and I have to actually apply for graduate schools all this fall!! These are some serious steps I have to take so you can see why I am a little nervous! I am, however, very thrilled to be returning to Purdue soon. I definitely have been missing my friends and campus life.

This summer has been a busy one for me. In order to make my senior year a little less full of classes I decided to take two classes during the summer. Both of my classes, thankfully, were offered online so it enabled me to be able to work from home; they were also both 8 week classes that started at different times, which allowed for little overlap. One of my classes goes towards my Human Development and Family Studies minor. Now I only have one more class left in order to complete my minors! This class was called Diversity in Individual and Family Life and talked all about diversity in the United States and how it is portrayed in families. It was really interesting! The class started the end of May and just ended last week. Now I only have my second class to finish before school. My other online class, which started at the beginning of June, is called Art Appreciation. Though this class is not directly related to my psychology major, it allowed me to take something interesting and fun that I don’t know much about; art is a whole new world for me and I’m beginning to really appreciated what I’m learning in my class!

Though I have been busy with those two summer classes, I have also been busy with studying for the GRE that I mentioned earlier. This exam is necessary for my major in order to allow me to get into a graduate school. Though I’m not a fan of standardized exams, I have been studying the necessary subjects I need in order to take this exam. With any luck I will be taking this exam at the end of summer and finish applying for grad schools! I’m still counting down the days until I am back at Purdue!

— Alyssa Major, Senior, Psychological Sciences

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