Physical Therapy Shadowing

With the extra free time being home for the summer brings, I figured that I would fit in some observation hours in a few physical therapy settings. Normally I would have shadowed my own PT, but with my parents moving that wasn’t really a possibility. Thankfully my mom did some digging for me and through a friend at church got me the contact information for the head physical therapist at a large clinic in the Sioux City area. She ended up setting me up with 2 weeks of observation: one in an inpatient setting and one in an outpatient setting. The first week I was in a surgery clinic with a PT who sees every patient in the clinic recovering from an orthopedic surgery (knee/hip/shoulder replacements etc.). On the last day she pulled some strings and got me in the operating room to see a knee replacement…literally one of the coolest things I have ever watched!! The second week was your typical outpatient setting, but it’s always good to see how different PT’s work and how different clinics are run. Overall I had a great experience and got a lot of good information out of the two weeks I was doing it, plus getting experience will only help me decide if PT really is the right career path for me!

Rachel Mentzel, Sophomore, Movement and Sport Sciences

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