A Very Productive Summer Vacation

I can finally say that I have completed two important tasks this summer, my online HDFS (Human Development and Family Studies) class and the GRE (Graduate Record Exam)!

I took my first online class to finish off my HDFS minor and I had a great experience with the class. The class was called Diversity in Individual & Family Life and I had a fellow ambassador in the class with me, Alyssa Major. It was interesting to learn about all the diversity that can exist in family life and it was a perfect class to complete my minor in HDFS.

Second, I took the GRE on July 9 and it went pretty well. All of my studying paid off and it was a relief to have that over beforefields school starts so I can start applying to graduate programs in Speech Language Pathology in the fall. Finally, the last part of my summer has consisted of doing my annual corn field work at Pioneer Hi-Bred Windfall Research Plant in Windfall, Indiana. I am a seasonal pollinator for about three weeks and since this is my fourth summer doing this job, I make a good amount of money in just three short weeks.

It’s bittersweet to see my summer break come to an end, but I am also very ecstatic to be back in West Lafayette to see everyone I’ve missed over the summer and start my senior year!

 Keep Calm and Boiler Up!

— Courtney Wisher, Senior, Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences

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