Summer Adventures on Campus

For the majority of this summer I stuck around campus. I began by taking two Maymester classes, Sports and Exercise Psychology and Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience.  In Maymester courses the class sizes are much smaller, not even twenty people in a class. The courses are also fast paced because Maymester only last four weeks, but the small sizes gives the professors a chance to actually get to know the students more which is nice for us.

PALSA little after those four weeks flew by, the summer camp called PALS began. It is a camp hosted by Purdue’s Health and Kinesiology department for children ages 8 to 14 who come to camp for free and participate in a variety of activities ranging from Judo to swimming to American Sign Language for four weeks. This was my first year working with this camp as a Team Leader, and at times it was crazy trying to keep track of 20 nine and ten year olds, but overall it was a great experience and I am glad I was a part of it. This is a great example of how students can still get involved on campus even in the summertime!

After camp ended in mid-July I returned home for the remaining month of summer to relax. However, the past few days I was back at Purdue moving out of my off campus apartment and into a new one that is closer to campus. And let me tell you, moving is hard work! It made me wish I was back two years ago moving into the dorms during Boiler Gold Rush where all of the Team Leaders are standing by helping unload each vehicle so that it is empty in just one trip. So for those of you moving into the dorms here in a couple of days do not worry about how you are going to move everything because those TLs will be there ready to help! For those of you moving into an apartment…bring some extra hands! Luckily I got everything moved in and organized already so I am ready to be back at Purdue officially, only two and half more weeks until classes start!

Enjoy what is left of summer, August 19 will be here sooner than we know!

— Priscilla Gaona, Junior, Movement and Sports Sciences

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