A Very, Very, Very, Very Busy Summer!!!

This summer has had me well on my way with exciting adventures, getting ahead in school, practicing skills I’ll use in my career, spending time with my family, and of course tanning on the job 🙂

Knocking down two classes this summer when I had nothing else set in stone on my summer calendar  sounded like an awesome idea when I was scheduling classes early this spring. Little did I know I’d be taking on a little more than I had planned for! However, I was able to complete them and maybe even learn a thing or two 😉 I’m happy tsummer 141o say that I am done with Calculus at Purdue after this passed Thursday. I was also privileged to take Physics for the first time, and it wasn’t too shabby! Those are 2 less classes I’ll have to worry about in two weeks when classes start back up again!

Along with classes for school, I took on an EMT class this past April that carries on through September. I have class twice a week and was required to complete 48 hours of clinicals this summer. 24 of those hours were spent in the ER and the other 24 were on an ambulance. I am so grateful that I got to experience, see, and get my hands on some very awesome opportunities, procedures, and situations in the health care world. It really opened my eyes up and deepened my passionate drive for the medical field.summer 156 Every time I even think about my hours spent learning with real patients, I grow more and more excited for my career path ahead of me!!

So if taking two summer classes, an EMT course and squeezing in clinical rotations wasn’t enough, I also had the awesome opportunity to be a lifeguard at a pool in my area. I made a lot of new friends and learned quite a bit about the people in the area and the guards I worked with. Some days we wouldn’t have any customers and would be able to lie out, or play volleyball while being on the clock. For me, that was “homework time!” However, other days were so hectic with young children running around like crazy animals, that I thought I was going to run out of hot air after blowing my whistle so much! Nonetheless, it was a wonderful experience and I’m glad I was able to use my skills to help protect those that visited our pool!

summer 255On top of my crazy busy schedule, I received wonderful new that I was selected to be a Teaching Assistant for my all-time favorite class at Purdue, Bio 203 & 204! I was absolutely ecstatic when I received the news! I cannot wait to start helping students learn all the material that I live and breathe, literally!

summer13 001When I wasn’t busy with homework, class, clinicals, or keeping watch over the water, I was blessed to spend some much needed time with my family. Somehow, with all our crazy schedules and the hustle and bustle, we managed to spare some time for each other and enjoy ourselves and our home. I included some pictures of some pretty evenings and early mornings we captured out by our home! summer 289This was my brother’s 9th year in 4-H and I am so proud to say that he was able to show the Reserve Grand Champion Guilt at our county fair! And not to steal words out of his mouth, but I think he was pretty excited as well!

With all of that, summer has just blown by me like a dandelion! It’s outrageous to think this time next week I’ll be settling back into my home at Purdue and be preparing for my first classes of my Junior Year! But of course I am excited and anxious to see what this year has in store!!

— Calin Cochran, Junior, Pre-Physician’s Assistant

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