Not A Fan Of Crinkle Cut Fries

Is it painful to throw ice into hot oil? The answer is yes, always yes. This past month has not been too eventful. I’ve been working at a summer camp. Pretty much, life goes as follows: I wake up, cook food, eat food, repeat process two more times, and then fall asleep. I have been having fun learning things though. I have learned to loath crinkle cut fries. Not because they are weird in texture or anything, but because they are painful to fry. These little suckers keep so much ice. Think of hot fryer oil, and now think of tiny atomic explosions underneath said oil. Let us just say, I’m not a fan on hot oil on my face and burning arm hair. Not the most appetizing smell either. But hey, I’m not going to judge anyone who asks for crinkle cut, but I will take pity on anyone who has to make them. God save those poor souls. Anyway, I’ve been using all of my food science information again. I magically saved an acid (vinegar) filled BBQ sauce by adding sugar. Not just any sugar, but brown sugar! Why did I add brown sugar though? Don’t question me! It is delicious! Anywho, I hope you have enjoyed this post and learning how to apply physics and foodAugust Blog science!

Also, enjoy this picture of an alleyway from my time spent in Venice!

— John Oswalt, Senior, Dietetics/Nutrition, Fitness and Health

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