Success 101: The Basics

The first week of class has come to a close and we’re speeding on toward our second week Engineering Mall fountain and Hovde Hall (Purdue University/ Mark Simons)of school. Hopefully by now you know we’ve figured out where all our classes are and are getting off to a great start. I know these first few weeks can seem like an overwhelming time, especially for first year Purdue students, but have no fear! I have some great tips that will hopefully help you get your semester off to a roaring start!

1) Start out organized: Nothing prepares you better for a semester than getting everything organized! Everyone has their own method of organization. I personally have a Morter Board that I carry everywhere and a dry erase board calendar that I hang on the wall of my room. Another great organization tool is that handy calendar function that every phone has these days! You carry it around all day anyway, why not put it to even better use! Regardless of your method, organization is a key part of a successful college career!

2) Start out strong!: Its easy to fall into the habit of coasting during the first few weeks of class because a lot of times the course material is not quite as rigorous yet. However, use this fact to your advantage! Get great grades on all of these early assignments so that when the going gets a little rougher, you have a little bit more of a cushion to stand on to keep that grade high!

3) Take advantage of the opportunities presented to you!: Purdue is an excellent university that has an immense amount of opportunities for any one who wants to take advantage of them! These first few weeks are jammed packed with call-outs and meetings for any club you could imagine! Start attending some of these and see what you’re interested in (there’s usually free food in it for you too 🙂 so attend as many as your heart desires!) Clubs and student organizations are a great way to make a large campus feel small so find your niche and make some friends!

Last but not least….

4)Don’t get overwhelmed!: With things moving quickly and a lot on your plate, its easy to get overwhelmed. Don’t be! The tips I gave above are a great place to start to prevent that feeling. Above all, make time for yourself! Yes, Purdue is an excellent academic institution but have fun while you’re here! It’ll make for a much more beneficial year and help keep you from feeling so stressed all the time.

— Caitlynn Anderson, Sophomore, Family and Consumer Science Education


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