Apartment Living

I can’t believe that I’m already starting my last fall semester as an undergrad student at Purdue! I swear my freshman BGR was last week. This semester was my first time not having to stuff a mini-van full of my stuff to move back.  Freshman year I lived in Earhart, sophomore in Windsor, and as a junior I moved into an apartment. I live about 5 minutes from the Union and renewed my lease, so I didn’t have to move anything out (in theory).

Our older apartment complex got the best of my roommates and I this summer when a large water main started leaking into our apartment. This resulted in our apartment having to be completely re-carpeted and having to move all our furniture and belongings around. A series of other problems following the new carpeting has probably led me to meet every kind of construction worker in the Lafayette area, from plumbers to cable workers. Luckily, our management was very understanding and supportive during the whole process.

Though all the problems in my apartment caused a big headache, I am glad I had my roommates to rely on. Why am I sharing this?  When I moved out of the residence halls, I never thought about these possible problems that wouldn’t occur in the Res Halls. However, I still love living in my apartment. It is incredibly close to campus. And there is nothing like blasting *NYSNC’s reunion without worrying (as much) about disturbing our neighbors. Every type of residence has its pros and cons; it is important weigh them extensively when choosing the best option for you.

— Mary Jacobs, Senior, Nursing

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