Hail to Senior Year!

It’s crazy to think that it’s almost the end of the second week of the first semester of my final year at Purdue! It has been a whirlwind of events for sure! First of all, I can’t believe I’m in my final year of Purdue; where have the last 3 years gone?? They weren’t kidding when they say your college years go by quickly! It’s been a great start to the semester so I am very thankful for that!

This semester I’m taking 5 classes with a total of 15 credit hours, only two of which are classes directly related to my major. The other 3 classes are classes I’m taking to fulfill my electives that I put off until my last year; hello gen-eds! I’m a psychology major so this semester I am taking a class on Stereotyping and Prejudice as well as a class on Children’s Development in Cross-Cultural Perspective. Both classes are really interesting and the professors I have are great! I’m also taking Adult Development, Economics (not my favorite subject), as well as Women’s Contemporary Health. Needless to say I’m currently enjoying fall semester!

I have also started a new job here on campus at a local coffee shop called Greyhouse (located on Chauncey). I’ve only been working for about 3 weeks now but it has been an amazing experience! The staff are all really great and I love the atmosphere of the shop. It’s also been interesting to see how well my time management skills are in terms of balancing everything. With five classes, work, homework, and extra-curricular activities it’s been a busy start to the year! I find, however, that when I am busier with my activities I manage my time a lot better and do better in classes (crazy, right?).

Though it’s only been a couple of weeks in I am very thrilled to be back at Purdue and I am ready to finish off my last year as a Boilermaker!

— Alyssa Major, Senior, Psychological Sciences

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