Prophetstown State Park

Prophetstown State Park 1The other day I finally got around to visiting Prophetstown State Park. I had heard from several of my friends that it is well worth the short trip out to see it, and it certainly was! The park is about 8 miles northeast of Purdue, close to the little town of Battleground (a place that needs its own blog post). Prophetstown offers miles of scenic hiking trails, camping, fishing, and a new waterpark that just opened this year. There is also a working farm within the park that offers visitors a chance to help out with chores, like milking and collecting eggs, pet the animals, and learn about sustainable farming practices. And they have peacocks! There are special events at the farm as well, like barn dances and community picnics; in fact one is coming up on the weekend of September 13th, which I am definitely going to try and go back for. All of my pictures are from the farm, but there is so much more to see, I really recommProphetstown State Park 2end going to this unique place.

I should also mention that the history of Prophetstown is a long, rich, engrossing, and often eerie one. The park is named for the Prophet Tenskwatawa, and is the site of a Native American village that was destroyed by the state militia in 1811. I will not try to tell the whole story here, I would not do it justice, but I will say that if you have any interest in Native American or US history, this is an excellent place to go to learn more.

— Erin McConnell, Junior, Psychological Sciences

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