Fall – My Favorite of the Year!

Hello fellow & future Boilermakers and welcome to my favorite season of the year– fall! I am very excited for the events to come before the end of the year and to start my recruitment events for this semester. Homecoming weekend is officially 2 days away and I could not be more excited to participate in the Saturday morning tailgate with HHS ambassadors as well for the visit that my family and best friend will be making this weekend. I know that it will be a blast since homecoming and family day are combined this year.

I would like to share some exciting news this month. After a general application and 2 rounds of interviews, I have been accepted as one of 8 newest members of the Purdue Student Concert Committee! This is very exciting for me because I am very interested in music of all times and I have always wanted to be a part of the organization that prepares all of the major acts that come to Purdue, as I am also an avid concertgoer. With that being said, the upcoming J Cole concert on November 1st with special guests The Mowgli’s and Bas is my first assignment and I am ecstatic because I am a HUGE J Cole fan!

I hope all of you Boilermakers and all others have a great homecoming this week and continue to have an excellent semester!

— Sarah Muhammad, Junior, Dietetics

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