Great Start to the Year!

Summer came to aBGR 1n end and Boiler Gold Rush began. I was a team leader, so I led a group of new students around campus for different activities for four days. Before leading them however, I had to move them in. This was a grueling task, but was made into a fun one by singing silly songs and chants that my fellow team leaders created. The week with my new students was incredible; it was so cool to see them start to blossom and make new friends. Most of them had arrived at Purdue feelBGR 2ing somewhat shy and nervous, but by the end of the week, the group was very social and enjoying themselves. During BGR, we went on a fountain run, got Den Pops (a Purdue tradition), watched a performance by a mentalist, listened to the Date Doctor give advice, went bowling, ate TONS of food, and a million other fun things. I was sad for BGR to end, but I hope to meet up with my group again sometime soon. Now, I am dealing with the daily grind Nursing studentsof classes. Realistically speaking, it’s definitely a challenge! However, I am still having lots of fun between classes; I’m now living with a new roommate who has become my best friend, I’m making new friends as I form study groups, I am getting to enjoy my first real clinical experience with my own patient, and I’m still making time to head home and see my family every now and then. Overall, the year has started off pretty well!


— Holly Hepworth, Sophomore, Nursing

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