I’m Going To Ecuador!

I can’t even believe that October is rolling right around the corner! This month has been jam packed with so many incredible experiences that the days all just became one – especially last week in my case! I have gone from finishing up with recruitment to becoming acclimated with my TA schedules to attending the first two football games to participating in ambassador events, and somehow finding time for homework, family, and friends! Nonetheless, I have enjoyed every minute of it!

At my first ambassador event of the semester, I had the wonderful opportunity to speak at a class for students who are undecided in their major. Each ambassador talked about their specific major, why they chose it, and different opportunities they have encountered throughout the process. I was intrigued when hearing a fellow ambassador talk about his awesome opportunity to go on a medical mission trip to Ecuador last year over Christmas break. He told the class if anyone wanted any information on the trip to just talk to him after class. It just so happened that I had been interested in participating in an activity like that but hadn’t had the time to research very deeply. Hearing him talk about it was so ironic! I couldn’t pass it up! After our session I got a little more information and he offered to send me the application later that night. So that evening, after finishing a run, I got a message with all the paperwork and the application was due that night at midnight! Not only did he give me everything I needed to apply, but also gave me the contact info of the person in charge  just in case I had any other questions or concerns. Long story short, I applied, had an interview, and just received my acceptance email last night! I was beyond ecstatic and could hardly sleep! I am now looking forward to spending the first part of my Christmas break in Ecuador and cannot even imagine what awesome experiences I will encounter!

This is yet another blessing of being an ambassador. Everyone is more than willing to help each other out. We all want to see one another succeed and spread our desire for serving others. I am so grateful to be where I’m at and be surrounded by each of our outstanding ambassadors. I would not trade this for the world!

–Calin Cochran, Junior, Pre-Physician Assistant

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