Preparing For The Future – Near And Far

It is hard to believe that we are almost in October already. This semester has been flying by! Although for me it seems that every semester goes by faster and faster. Just this past week I received an email from my adviser telling me that I need to schedule a meeting so we can talk about next semester and what classes I will be taking.

This past week I also attended two important sessions that talked about grad school. The first one was held by our very own Center for Preprofessional Advising. The session talked about requirements, timeline, and the application process for any health care field (pre-med, occupational therapy, physical therapy, physician assistant, etc). It was very informative, and I recommend everyone interested in a health care field go to their next session on Wednesday, October 16 (it is in Lily 3-118 at 6pm).

The next session I attended was specifically for a masters in science for occupational therapy and was held at IUPUI. The session started off with basic information about their program like course work, timeline, cost, etc. But then in the late afternoon we were given a tour of the OT building and even got to step into some classes and meet professors and talk one on one with them.

Both of these sessions definitely opened my eyes and made me realize how many things I have to accomplish in the next three semesters that I have left here at Purdue. Things not only like classes, but also doing research with a professor (an HK 496 course), taking the GRE, and of course the actual process of applying. Even though these sessions were a little overwhelming, they also made me very excited for the future!

Priscilla Gaona, Junior, Movement and Sports Science

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