Great Fall Break Experience

The season of fall is in full gear and needless to say, I am very excited because it is my favorite season! However, you won’t catch me playing in the leaves much or picking apples because the second part of my semester is CRAZY BUSY!!

Fall Break 1 Fall Break 3I just returned back from the annual October Break research tour with the Black Cultural Center (BCC) and it was amazing. This year we visited the low country of St. Helena Islands in South Carolina, as well as Savannah and Atlanta, Georgia to explore the Gullah/Geechee culture of the South, brought to America from West Africa following the Slave Trade. This culture is a vibrant one, full of arts, crafts, folklore and storytelling. While on the tour, wFall Break 2e were able to participate in a Gullah traditional dance class, watch a traditional Gullah Ring Shot, attend a storytelling and folklore workshop, learn the traditional Gullah language and dialect, learn how to make indigo dye and use it to create our own cloth designs, learn how to weave a sweet grass basket, learn about ancient Gullah root medicine techniques, visit a Gullah history museum, learn about crab farming and just enjoy the land and the history of a culture that was preserved through the years and passed down through generations to be continued on.

The experiences that we have every year on the research tours are irreplaceable because I would not likely get these opportunities anywhere else other than the BCC but what is so special about them is that the research that we do on the tour, we use to incorporate into our fall shows at the BCC, which include Coffeehouse (at the end of October) and the Cultural Arts Festival (at the end of dead week fall semester in Loeb).

Being able to attend these tours during fall break and get away for a couple of days is much needed and gives me a fresh mind attitude for the second half of the semester so with that said, I am excited to see what the second half brings and I am excited for our Coffeehouse show at the Black Cultural Center two weeks from today (Oct 25th and 26th) at 7 PM. Have a great semester!

— Sarah Muhammad, Junior, Dietetics

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