The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The best part of going to New York City was always having something to do. There was never a dull time. From wthe metalking around Times Square to visiting Central Station, it was like a dream come true. Of everything we did, my favorite part was visiting the Met. It was unspeakably beautiful. It was literally like walking into an art history book that came to life. Walking around the museum, you are able to see famous paintings and works of art by some of the most renowned artist. Spending years in various art classes, you are educated with examples of Monet and other artists’ works. As a huge Degas fan, I was overcome with excitement to be able to see a various amount of his work. I even got to see a few of Van Gogh’s paintings. The only word I can use to describe this experience was, INCREDIBLE.

Brandi Wilson, Sophomore, Apparel Design and Technology

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