Busy Semester So Far

Group XWow I can’t believe it is already nearing the end of October! This semester has started off even busier than I would have thought possible, but I love every second. Here are a few highlights of the start of my sophomore year at Purdue.

Last year I took a class through the CoRec to become a Group X instructor (Group X is the group fitness program at Purdue) and this year I started team teaching a variety of classes to prepare me to teach my own classes next semester. I am absolutely obsessed with my job, it is the best job in the world, I get paid to exercise, motivate others and get people excited about fitness and wellness! What could be better?Purdue Game Jumbotron

Another exciting highlight of my start of the year: I made it onto the jumbotron at a home football game! I was pretty excited. From busy weekends full of studying for exams, grabbing coffee  at Greyhouse or having my parents come for a visit, there is always something to fill my time. Classes have been challenging, but rewarding at the Mom and Dadsame time. I’ve been working with my advisor to plan a semester abroad sometime next year, and it has been such an exciting process, even if it is far away. Purdue Game 1Purdue has so many opportunities to take advantage of, it can be hard to control yourself and not get carried away. In just a few weeks it will be Thanksgiving break, then a quick turn around and finals week. To say I am almost halfway through with sophomore year is a sad thought – I don’t want my time at Purdue to go any faster, yet it seems it always flies by. I am just going to keep enjoying everything Purdue has to offer for as long as I’m here, happy fall and boiler up!!

— Rachel Mentzel, Sophomore, Movement and Sport Sciences

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