Applying for the Future

Well after a rough start to my last semester, I have finally gotten my feet under me and am beginning to run towards graduation at a full sprint.  Since it is my last semester at Purdue as an undergrad I have been going out of my way to do things I have always wanted to while a student, one being going to Homecoming.  I invited a life-long best friend to join me Homecoming weekend and we had a blast at the football game and chilling at my apartment.

Now, I am focusing on post graduation and have been applying to many different jobs.  I’m trying to hone in on what I am passionate about or where in the world/US I would enjoy living.  Some examples of places I have applied are the Boston Children’s Museum, MOMA, the Waldorf Astoria of New York City, Saint Louis Zoo, Un-Cruise Adventures, American Airlines, Walt Disney, and Vail Resorts.  I would love to work with children or Professional_portrait_023-2out west but I am open to any unique opportunities thrown my way.  My family is very supportive and they know I am looking for a crazy job that no one would ever think about. It’s exciting and thrilling to think about going out on my own and I’m trying to be as professional as possible.

Just to prove how professional I’m trying to be, here is a picture of me taken by PASE (Purdue Alumni Student Experience) -for free – during one of their professional head-shot sessions.  These free sessions are something an undergrad should take advantage of while they have the chance!

Liz Overpeck, Senior, Hospitality and Tourism Management

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