Inspirational Trip to NYC

Sunday morninWorld Trade Poolg in NYC us anything but quiet. Just like the rest of the week it bustles with tourists, locals, and everyone in between running about. My Sunday in Manhattan started off with a trip in remembrance to the World Trade Center Memorial. It was quiet on site, with only the sound of running water from the pools in the air.Red Dress

After taking in the site of just how massive the trade center was, a few others and myself broke away to go to the Century 21 department store around the corner. For anyone who doesn’t know what Century 21 is, I would describe it as a high-end TJ Maxx/Marshalls. They had everything; a plethora of beautiful discounted designer clothing surrounded us, but the favorite among my group was the designer gowns (at nearly half the cost). Dolce & Gabbana, Oscar De La Renta, Versace, and Zac Posen (among others) cluttered the racks.

After we left SubwayCentury 21, my group and I took the subway back to Times Square to do a little “retail analysis” and then took the train back uptown to the Upper East Side to visit the original Tiffany & Co. so I could get a necklace I had received on my 16th birthday fixed after the charm had broken.

The first thing you notice when walking into Tiffany’s is the shine radiating off the beautiful gems, they are truly a site to behold! But I think the real crowning jewel of Tiffany & Co. is their customer service; from the moment you NY 3enter you’re greeted with exceptional warmth and hospitality, truly some of the best service I’ve ever experienced. Once I reached the 6th floor (repairs) I waited to be called to a representative under a beautiful Tiffany glass chandelier. After having my necklace looked at, I struck up a conversation with the representative, and learned that her career for many years (now retired) was in the fashion industry! In fact, she had once worked as the creative director for Harpers Bazaar Magazine, NY 4and then opened up her own styling business, working with top designers, models, and photographers (Patrick Demarchelier anyone?). I couldn’t believe my luck at meeting such an incredible woman in Tiffany’s. Just goes to show you must be on you’re a-game at all times; you never know ho you will meet.NY 2

After leaving Tiffany & Co. my group traveled to the famous Plaza Hotel (Eloise was always my favorite as a child). Sitting by the fountain of The Plaza, we took in the sites of the Upper East Side, and then made our way to Central Park, NY 5where we spent the rest of our evening exploring, and taking in the sites.

If you ever have the chance to visit New York City as an Apparel Design major, do it. You will be provided with so much inspiration and a new found love for you career path that maybe wasn’t there before. And most of all, you will never regret it.

— Hannah Day, Sophomore, Apparel Design and Technology

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