Time To Start Preparing For Next Year!

It is that time of the year again – time to start preparing for next year.

What I mean by this is that students are meeting with their advisors to talk about the Spring semester and registering for classes. I have already talked to my advisor and discussed what classes I would like to take in the Spring. One of the classes I would like to take is HK 490 which is a class designed to do research with a professor. However, most professors have an application process and a simple interview before they accept students to do research with them. So for those of you who wish to do research at some point in your time here at Purdue, I suggest that you start getting to know your professors early (go to their office hours!) and also applying to help in their lab early. Some labs will even accept volunteers before enrolling in a class to do research. That being said, the students who have volunteered will have a better chance to enroll in the research class. Keep in mind, not all students who apply to do research will get in because professors can only accept so many to help in their lab. So again, my advice to all of you is to start volunteering and getting to know your professors early because research is one of the most beneficial things a student can do (especially if you are planning to apply to graduate school).

Priscilla Gaona, Junior, Movement & Sports Sciences

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