Halfway Done!

I cannot believe we are already halfway done with the semester. I know I say time goes by so fast each semester, but this semester feels INCREDIBLY fast. On top of that, I talked to my adviser and found out that I can definitely graduate a semester early. It’s such a bittersweet feeling. I know I will save a lot of money and it will be a nice break before graduate school, but I’m not sfootball game 2ure if I’m ready to leave!

After realizing I only have year left at Purdue, I decided it was time to start crossing things off my bucket list! Don’t judge me, but I have never gone to a Purdue football or basketball game till a few weeks ago! I went to the Purdue/ Notre Dame game because I am from South Bend and had quite a few friends from back home coming for the game. Just to clarify, even though I’m from South Bend, I am NOT a fan. I will always be a loyal Boilermaker! đŸ™‚Â  My best friend just graduated  from Notre Dame so we made a bet on who wofootball game 1uld win with froyo. Even though I lost the bet, I am so glad I went to the game. Purdue played really well and there was never a dull moment throughout the entire game.I really regret not going to more games freshman and sophomore year! I would recommend every student to go to AT LEAST one.

I’m also crossing another thing off my bucket list next month- going to another concert. I bought tickets to the J Cole concert! A big group of my friends are going and I am so excited to go. I went to the Lupe Fiasco concert freshman year and it was one of my favorite memories. I wanted to go to one more concert here at Purdue before I graduated.I hope it is just as great as Lupe’s.

As far as classes, I am just about to take my second row of exams. I actually really like my classes this semester. It’s crazy how much easier the material comes to you when you are actually interested in what you’re learning. Research has been getting easier as well. I am in charge of calling people and scheduling appointments for our infant speech studies. I love talking on the phone with family and friends, but talking to people in a professional setting was really intimidating at first. I would always get really nervous before calling someone during the first few weeks but I have gotten SO much more comfortable. I barely get nervous at all anymore! I really hope I have the opportunity to work in this lab next semester.

— Serina Thottichira, Junior, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

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