Its Almost Thanksgiving Break!!

Who isn’t excited about this…because at Purdue it means that there are no classes left.  When Purdue students return from break, it will be dead week, then exams, then (my) graduation on December 15, 2013 from the College of Health and Human Sciences.  I am excited to obtain my Bachelors of Science degree and I’m getting responses from companies who I have applied with for post graduation opportunities.  It’s so great to be finally growing up!

purdueLiz (3)A good opportunity everyone should take advantage of is the Purdue Alumni Student Experience (PASE) Senior-Sendoff.  It is held each semester in the Purdue Armory for that semesters graduating seniors.  You get free stuff, free food, and sign up for tons of drawings, and it is a great opportunity to talk with people from your college about ways to stay connected with alumni (and the college) after graduation.  So if you attend Purdue and enjoy not paying for things, I would definitely recommend attending!

— Liz Overpeck, Senior, Hospitality and Tourism Management

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