It’s Basketball Season!

Basketball 1Where I’m from in Tennessee football is everything. I grew up with it and I absolutely love it. But something interesting happened when I moved to Indiana – I fell in love with basketball. It was simple coming in, Purdue was ranked pre-season #1, Robbie Hummel was coming back from his first torn ACL and E’Twaun Moore and JaJuan Johnson were entering their senior year.

But, as often happens with Purdue sports…. It’s never that simple.

Basketball 2However, the love has not been lost and I have pretty high hopes about what the incoming freshman will be able to accomplish. And since it is FINALLY November I am so happy to say that basketball season is in full swing!

Being in the Paint Crew is one of the best experiences you can get while a student. While attendance has fluctuated with the quality of the team, it is still something special. I have also been fortunate to have been able to go the games with the same group of friends the past four years which makes it all the much more special (side note: these are friends that I made at Boiler Gold Rush (BGR) the first week of college… so don’t underestimate BGR!)

— Alicia Kerr, Senior, Psychological Sciences

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