The Month of November Has Flown Right By!

The month of November has been another to fly right by! The last two days in class and the week prior were plum full with exams, papers, and presentations in anticipation of the semester ending.  This weekend was nice and relaxing because I was able to spend an early Thanksgiving with family I have not seen in a very long time. My uncle surprised us and came from Kansas City, Missouri. With the combination of his crazy work schedule and my family always running around, we have not been able to visit each other for 11 years! So his unexpected visit was welcomed with open arms! He came down Saturday and we had dinner and caught up on each others lives. Over the years we’ve been able to keep in touch through phone calls and emails, but talking in person was a nice change.  Sunday, we visited my grandmother in Fort Wayne. We surprised her, bringing my uncle and a Thanksgiving feast prepared by my mother. It was quite warming to say the least!

The weekend prior, I had the opportunity to go to Milwaukee, Wisconsin with a group of friends from school. We left Friday afternoon on a charter bus and arrived about 4 hours later! The next day we got to see different parts of the city and visit cool areas! It was a rainy day, but we still managed to enjoy our time! We came home Sunday morning and made it back just in time for the tornado storms to come! When we were unloading our belongings from the bus it started pouring down rain and the sirens in town went off.  A friend and I were stuck in the parking garage when the actual storm hit, but we were thankful to be off the highway at that time.

The week following, the street I lived on was without power! We for sure thought classes would be cancelled, for many other students were powerless as well. However, all the classrooms had power so class was still in session! I knew of many students who went to the co-rec to shower. Others camped out in the Union so they were able to connect to Wi-Fi to complete assignments or to study. Without power or working water at the house I live in, our housemother arranged for us to stay in a hotel one night to be able to get hot showers, have light, and access to Internet for our homework. I am fortunate enough to live close to campus so I brought a friend home and we stayed at my parent’s house.  The next day the power was on and all was back to normal!

— Calin Cochran, Junior, Pre-Physician’s Assistant

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