Service Project – Greater Lafayette Home Educators Association (GLHEA)

Service Learning ProjectAs a senior I thought I saw all the group projects I could see. This semester, as part of my leadership class, I realized how much I still had to learn. The majority of this class was centered around our service learning project we worked on throughout the entire semester. Like any group project, I was assigned to my group members and our topic. The interesting thing about this project is that we designed the entire project and worked with a member of the community to make a real impact on the community.

My group worked with the Greater Lafayette Home Educators Association, GLHEA, an organization designed to help parents/teachers of home educated children. We designed a health fair with a ton of different hands-on activities, like a blow-up CPR mannequin to teach children hands-only CPR. To achieve this, we had to apply for a grant and organize everything. We also had to delegate to a group of sophomore nursing students throughout the project. This experience was completely unique, since we actually made an impact on children in the Lafayette area.

— Mary Jacobs, Senior, Nursing

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