Healthy Choices: Habits for a Lifetime

Healthy ChoicesAs I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I am a local titleholder within the Miss America Organization. To compete in these pageants, I must have a personal platform that I will promote as a titleholder. Since I am a dietetics major, what better platform to promote than healthy lifestyles! I created a platform called “Healthy Choices: Habits for a Lifetime,” and over Christmas break, I made a Facebook page to get more people involved in my platform. I would love if you “like” it on Facebook!! I have been posting information every few days including current nutrition-related articles in the news, recipes, tips towards a healthier lifestyle, and more! I’m just hoping I can keep posting as often now that the semester has started J

Speaking of the semester starting…today was the first day back after a 4-week break! This is my last semester of classes which is crazy to think of! I honestly feel like I walked into my first college class just a few weeks ago when it was actually 3.5 years ago! People always warned me that college would fly by, and they were completely right!  Even though my time at Purdue may be ending in a few months I will always be a Boilermaker!!!

— Alyssa Slater, Senior, Dietetics

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