Transitioning Back

After four long weeks in break mode, it is time to transition back to school mode. I’ve always found the beginning of the semester to be fun – new pencils and journals, lofty goals about how organized I will be throughout the semester (it usually only lasts the first two weeks), and of course being reunited with my roommates.

But, the transition is not always fun for everyone. I can think of one group in particular  that does not enjoy it – my pets. Last year when I moved off campus (after two great years in the residence halls) my roommate and I decided that any apartment we moved to had to allow animals. My dog from home (he’s 14 now!) came up from school, and my roommate bought a brand new kitten. There are huge perks to having animals. I am a firm believer that they improve the quality of life and I honestly believe that I will have a dog for the rest of my life.

One of the unfortunate things about being in school with pets is that school often comes before being Dogable Catto give them overwhelming amounts of attention. Don’t get me wrong – my pets get lots and lots of love still, but sometimes it’s just never enough for them. So what often happens when they want love, they take it out on my homework (no, they’ve never eaten it…). These pictures, and I have many more where they came from, are what I like to call: Pets Against Homework.

— Alicia Kerr, Senior, Brain and Behavioral Sciences

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