What A Pleasant Break!

I had such a relaxing time over the holiday break.  From December 4 to January 12 I was able to sleep-in, not attend any lectures, and just enjoy time with my family, which was all new to me.  I loved being with my three year old brother and discovering that his favorite food is spaghetti.  brotherHe was so cute eating it that we had to take a million pictures of it.  Another one of my favorite parts about the holidays was all the shopping I got to do. The shopping before Christmas, the shopping after Christmas, before the New Year, after the New Year:  it was great!

I also made sure not to get too lazy during this time, so I practiced some sewing techniques and drew lots of sketches, and now I think I have my idea of what I’m making for my second outfit for the Purdue Fashion Show this March.  The only part I didn’t like about the break was the weather, especially when it got to 40 degrees below zero.  My mother and I were able to help a homeless woman named Chrissy during this time so she would be able to get into a warm environment. This personal experience really gave me a new perspective on life and I hope that I’m able to continue to help those in need especially getting them the necessities needed for survival.  Now that I’m back at Purdue, I’m already starting to feel busy; however, I’m looking forward to taking the classes I signed up for and hopeful that I will have a great semester.

— Sierra Powell, Sophomore, Apparel Design and Technology

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