On The Road to Becoming an Registered Dietition

RDA mix of anticipation and sadness fills me as I now head into my last semester here at Purdue. I have learned so much during the past 4 years, not only in academics, but also about myself and the world in which we live. As a Dietetics/Nutrition, Fitness, and Health major, this time of years marks the busy, and somewhat stressful, time of deciding what dietetic internships to apply for and refining my resume and application material for them. The process of becoming an Registered Dietitian (RD) first includes completing a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Dietetics, followed by the second step of completing a supervised practice program. At the completion of this accredited internship, you are eligible to take the RD exam and receive credentials. There are dietetic internships all across the United States with some of them having a certain emphasis or offering part or full graduate school at the same time; this makes for many options and decisions to sort through. I am the type of person who likes adventure and so I am applying to internships in other parts of the country as a door to move outside of the Midwest, with hopes of living close to the mountains or the beach. It is very competitive to get matched to an internship, so it’s important to earn good grades starting freshmen year, be involved in a student organization or club, and have work or volunteer experience in an area related to nutrition or dietetics. As I am applying for internships, I am uncertain of where I will be come next school year, but I know one thing for sure, I’m a Boilermaker for life.

— Bekah Vukovich, Senior, Dietetics/Nutrition, Fitness, and Health

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