Scholarship Season!

January is the start of so many new things—a new year, a new semester, and a new work-out plan that will (hopefully) last longer than a month, among other things. It also marks the beginning of a new season that I really didn’t even know about until last year: scholarship season. My senior year in high school was all about applying for scholarships, from local scholarships to the ones offered by Purdue for incoming freshmen. However, after I started my undergraduate career at Purdue I stopped thinking about scholarships. I just assumed that I had already gotten all of the financial help that I was going to receive. It was not until last year (my junior year) that I realized how wrong this assumption was.

It turns out that there are so many scholarship opportunities available for continuing Purdue students; you just need to know where to look. One great place is the College of Health and Human Sciences website, which has its own scholarship page, and from there you can find links to scholarships offered by the college’s individual departments. Advisors can also be great resources for finding scholarship opportunities that may not be so widely advertised. (These can be some of the best ones to apply for because the applicant pool is much smaller, thus increasing your chances!) Another great website to find outside scholarships is, which has a scholarship for almost anything imaginable.

No matter where you go to find scholarships, the key is to start looking early. Most of Purdue’s departmental scholarships are due in February or March, so be sure to plan accordingly in order to have all of the application materials (essays, recommendation letters, etc.) ready by the deadline.

So my advice: get out there and start searching for scholarships now. There’s really nothing to lose, and who knows, you may just end up walking away with a few less students loans.

Good Luck & Boiler Up!

-Stephanie Williams, Senior, Behavioral Neuroscience

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