Back In The Swing Of Things – February 2014

I can’t belieSanta Clausve we are already 3 weeks into spring semester! It feels like last weekend I was home watching the Food Network and reading novels without a care in the world. Over break I got a chance to relax and spend much needed time with my family. I went to my mom’s gym almost every day with her and we also discovered a fantastic new yoga studio that was hard to say goodbye to upon returning to Purdue. I also managed to fit in a trip back to see my high school friends in Green Bay, WI, which was very fun for me.

This semester is starting off busy as usual, but I feel more comfortable with everything I am involved in now that I’ve got a semester of being a Teaching Assistant, Fitness class 1Ambassador and Group X Instructor under my belt. My favorite class this semester is by far my Exercise Physiology class. It is so interesting and the labs are really hands on- we exercise and analyzfitness class 2e it! So cool. I am really enjoying my job at the Co-Rec and have fully embraced the role of everything-fitness-fanatic. In a few weeks some of the Purdue instructors and personal trainers are going to a fitness conference called Midwest FitFest and I am beyond excited. A whole weekend of nothing but exercise! Who wouldn’t love that? Being back into my routine also means getting used to our 6 am instructor workouts again…let me tell you this weather is not helpful when you have to set your alarm for 5:15. As the days get longer and I adjust to my semester schedule I realize just how blessed and lucky I am to be a Boilermaker.

— Rachel Mentzel, Sophomore, Movement and Sport Sciences

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One Response to Back In The Swing Of Things – February 2014

  1. sement says:

    Now that Rachel’s back at school, I have to dig deep to keep up my motivation to keep exercising. without her. I’m so glad Purdue has such a nice Co-Rec to work out in. Proud Boilermaker Parents!

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