My Artistic Interests

As we begin to dive into the spring semester, I find myself longing for another week of vacation which is typically rare for me but this winter break was very special for me. Instead of just working and sitting around this break like usual, I was able to delve into a new set of my artistic interests that I have continuously had to set aside due to school and other commitments. I have always been a fan of music commentary and formal album reviews and I recently placed my passion into action by writing a top 15 of 2013 countdown for my friend’s music blog Musik Munkies. My countdown included a full album review for each pick, was well as ratings and videos. The countdown and the blog itself provided me with a new outlet for expressing love and passion for music. Whereas most of my friends are poets and musicians themselves, I have always had a strong affinity for analyzing and comparing musical content, subjectively and historically as well as breaking down musical production. This countdown is only the start of what I have planned for the future; I will begin doing interviews for upcoming artists, many of which are personal friends of mine and also I plan to learn music production this summer over break so I can start to produce music for artists. Being from Chicago gives me the advantage to meet many artistic and musical talented people who have good messages to spread through their work and I took full advantage of that experience over my break by attending concerts, open mics and just reading in general. In the meantime, I encourage everyone to visit my friend and I’s professional music blog at and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @musikmunkies to get all of the latest music news. Have a good semester!

Sarah Muhammad, Junior, Dietetics

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