My Mission Trip to Nicaragua

JunierThis boy’s name is Junier. He told me he is ten years old, but when any of the girls in our group asked he said he was thirteen. He claims that he has 5 girlfriends. Junier likes baseball and soccer, but he likes baseball more than soccer because he is better at it. As I talked with Junier I realized something. He is just the same as any ten year old boy I’ve known and a lot like I was when I was his age. The only difference between Junier and I was that he was born in El Moto, Nicaragua where the only source of water is shallow hand dug holes that fill with murky water.

We were all created the same. Some of us just happened to be born in places that have more resources. I came to Nicaragua on my second mission trip to bring a clean water source to El Moto and I took away a new perspective on the important parts of life.

Andy Wiseman, Senior, Pre-Physical Therapy

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