Snow Day!!

This winter has definitely been a unique one here at Purdue. At the beginning of the year, before most students were back on campus, we had our first snowpocalypse which shut down campus for about two days. Of course since classes were not in session it did not matter too much. But for me it did because I work at the CoRec and for at least one of the days we were still open…and people still went to workout! I heard stories from patrons walking in from as far as Mackey Arena and patrons who had fallen in the almost knee-deep snow. That is pure dedication!

Then yesterday we had our second snowpocalypse. I am not sure just how much we actually got, but it was somewhere between 7 and 10 inches…or enough to cancel classes! Unfortunately it was not enough to cancel the entire campus, so that meant that again I had to go into work. Luckily, I love my job so I did not mind having to go in at 5:15 in the morning to open. And to my surprise there were still patrons waiting for the clock to strike 5:30am so they could be let in for their morning workout…again pure dedication!

Although I love getting days off from class, I would love to see this snow finally disappear…for good! I am ready for warm weather where I do not have to worry about slipping on my way to class, or have to leave my apartment bundled from head to toe with a million layers on, and I am ready for warm enough weather that allows me to run outside! But do not worry Spring Break is only 37 days away for those of you heading to a warm non-snowy place!

Stay warm!

Priscilla Gaona, Junior, Movement & Sports Sciences

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